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TMNT Slash... any and all male characters
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This is a community for people who like the idea of slash involving any (or all) male characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. If it's slash but not turtlecest you can find it here. Be forewarned that if the idea of men cuddling, loving, or being gay is not for you, than this community is also probably not for you either. Please feel free to post anything from Fanart, Fanfics, to thoughts on anything within the TMNT universe that involves Turtleslash. Please note that we are NOT an adult community and please read the content policy below before you join!

Age of Majority / 18+ content policy :

1. Livejournal insists on this. You can join this community if you are a minor because we're not an adult community, rather an all ratings community. But if you are a minor you are not allowed to read any posts that are labeled as adult, mature, and/or containing adult material.

2. Adult material must be community locked and have warnings on it that it contains NC-17 material or it will be deleted.

3. If I am alerted that a minor has been reading, responding or posting material that would be considered adult, I'll restrict their membership to protect the community. Please don't make me do this. If you're a minor (ie under the age of majority where you live) please act responsibly in this community.

1. This is not the group for turtlecest! If you want to post a turtle/turtle fic, please do so on our sister group turtlecest. We'd like to avoid flist-filling cross posts.
2. Please put all pictures and fanfics under a lj-cut.
3. Tag your work! If the material is not work safe or would be considered rated r or above, it absolutely must be tagged as such outside of the lj-cut. (See the rules below in regards to 18+ content.) If you also wish to take the further precaution to friend's lock the entry if you are posting mature content, you can.
4. On fanfics or fanart, please include a standard disclaimer and basic information, such as author's name, name of the piece, rating, and pairing. ALSO you may optionally include "critique encouraged" or "critique discouraged", unless you don't care what kind of feedback you get. If you wish you can include other information such as which TMNT universe the fanfic is based on and/or a summary.
5. We do not allow spam/advertising on this community unless it has something directly to do with turtleslash. If the moderators feel your post is spam, it will be deleted.
6. Recommending a turtleslash fic, piece of art, or website that you have read elsewhere is only allowed if you obtain the creator's permission first. We appreciate trying to share good turtleslash with the rest of the community, but it is up to the creator of the fic, art, or site whether it should be posted here or not. Posts that recommend fics, art, or sites without the creator's permission will be deleted.
7. Be polite, have fun, no flaming. :)

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